Gender, jobs and justice

More than 40 years since the passing of legislation outlawing sex-based discrimination in the workplace, women are still fighting for equal pay and to live their lives free from discrimination, harassment and violence.

This workshop will feature the struggle by women for the right to work in the male-dominated steel industry - a struggle that sparked the Jobs for Women campaign in Wollongong (and Newcastle) in the 1980s.

Carla Gorton, co-author of the book 'Women of Steel' will be speaking at this workshop, and it will feature a preview screening of a new short film, produced by the Jobs for Women Film Project, entitled 'The Women Who Were Never There'.

Filmed over 6 days in Sydney and Wollongong, involving more than 100 people including 22 paid actors, 62 volunteer extras, 15 crew members and heaps more volunteer support, The Women Who Were Never There is a powerful dramatisation of the prelude to the 1980s Jobs For Women campaign. 1973 was the first attempt to get employment for women at the steelworks, and involved some dramatic and creative actions that shook the steelworks management. It laid the groundwork for the momentous campaign which was to follow.

Despite a shoestring budget (financed mainly through generous crowdfunding support), this 25 minute short film packs a punch. The short film is also being used as the basis for seeking further backing - from organisations, funding bodies and individuals - for the feature film.

Talk and Film screening
Sunday, May 15, 2016 - 14:30