Luis Angosto Ferrandez

Luis Fernando Angosto-Ferrández is a lecturer in the departments of Anthropology and Latin American Studies at the University of Sydney. He has extensive fieldwork experience in Latin America and Spain and has lived, worked and researched in Venezuela for nearly a decade. In addition to his scholarly work, he is a contributor to various public media outlets. His interests include the study of forms of collective action and the construction of political identities in Latin America and Europe. He is also interested in the analysis of contemporary capitalism and the ways in which human relations affect and are affected by the creation of new forms of commodities and property.

Luis' publications include:


Angosto Ferrandez, L. (2016). Indigenous peoples, social movements and the legacy of Hugo Chávez's governments (forthcoming). Latin American Perspectives: a journal on capitalism and socialism.


Angosto Ferrandez, L. (2015). Epistemología, poder y cultura en las antropologías del sur: la mirada de Esteban Krotz. AIBR, Revista de Antropología Iberoamericana (Journal of Iberoamerican Anthropology), 10(1), 9-26. [More Information]

Angosto Ferrandez, L., Kradolfer, S. (2015). The Politics of Identity in Latin American Censuses. UK: Routledge (Taylor and Francis). [More Information]

Angosto Ferrandez, L. (2015). Venezuela Reframed: Bolivarianism, indigenous peoples and socialisms of the 21st century. London: Zed Books Ltd. [More Information] 2014

Angosto Ferrandez, L. (2014). Democracy, Revolution and Geopolitics: Venezuela and the International Politics of Discontent. In Luis Angosto-Ferrandez (Eds.), Democracy, Revolution, and Geopolitics in Latin America: Venezuela and the International Politics of Discontent, (pp. 1-12). New York: Routledge.