Sue Bolton

Sue Bolton is a councillor on the Moreland City Council in Melbourne and a leader and founding member of Socialist Alliance. Sue was elected in October 2012 on a platform of Community Need, Not Developer Greed.

The election of Sue to the Moreland council in 2012 was significant for several reasons. Sue campaigned strongly on a platform of putting the needs of ordinary residents and the community ahead of the tide of greed-driven developer projects, and Sue brought to her position a long history of activism in the refugee, anti-racist, workers rights and other movements.

Since her election, Sue has worked to help residents organise and fight for their rights and to build support for progressive pro-people policies. Sue will be standing for re-election in October 2016.

Sue played a major role in the victorious campaign to stop the East-West Link - a toll-road and tunnel would have cost the public billions of dollars, without reducing traffic congestion. Sue initiated a grassroots campaign group in the Moreland community against the tunnel, which organised public meetings, protests and linked up with community campaign groups across inner Melbourne resisting this development.

You can read more about Sue Bolton's record on Moreland City Council here and visit Sue's Moreland Report on the web and Facebook.