'Yes I Can': Cuba's internationalism in practice

2.30pm PANEL: 'Yes I Can': Cuba's internationalism in practice [With Bob Boughton and Ruth Ratcliffe] - "Yes I Can!" is a Cuban-designed literacy campaign which has allowed 8 million people in 29 different countries learn to read and write. In Australia, up to 60% of Aboriginal adults living in rural and remote areas are functionally illiterate in English. Since 2012 Cuban educators have been working with the Aboriginal-led Literacy for Life Foundations and communities across the far west of NSW to address this crisis. Already, more than 100 Aboriginal adults from the Murdi Paaki region in western NSW have graduated from Yes I Can. This workshop will explore Cuba's own heroic 1961 literacy campaign and how that has shaped the Yes I Can campaign internationally. It will also address questions such as - What do these literacy campaigns teach us about social change?; and - How can we best support the campaign here in Australia?